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Caroline Benson 1997 196 - semalt

Carly tells Tony that she has to sign for physical therapy equipment. Carly leaves and AJ asks Tony to hold the closet door for him because its broken. AJ meantions that he saw Tony coming in with a bunch of baby items. Tony tells AJ about the rattle he gave Carly and tells him that their frienship means a lot to them. AJ is unconfortable and says everything is fine. Tony leaves and AJ has a phone call and gets off the phone when Carly goes into the gym without a word to Carly, she asks does it has to be that way and she says if he starts ignoring her in public then Tony is going to get suspicious and AJ says he is doing the best he can and deal with it. Cary climbs on a wheel chair to put a box on the top shelf and almost falls when AJ catches her and he says she shouldnt be climbing on things when she in 7 months pregnant. Carly picks up a box and AJ grabs for it just a the door shuts and they get locked in. -


Caroline Benson 1998 124 - semalt

Caroline Benson 1998 124Brenda is too wound up to shut up so Jason wants her to leave. Brenda: Oh now you want me to leave because you don't want to be reminded of the fact that I told you that this was going to happen and you didn't listen.Jason, "You say a lot of things and I try not to listen to any of them." Jason tries once again to explain it so she'll understand. He and Robin have broken up but he's not going to say he doesn't love her because that would be a lie. Brenda vows to make him pay if anything happens to Robin. Jason wants her gone, NOW. He tries to escort her out...she screams at him to let her go. Jax arrives and hears Brenda's screams but the guard won't let him through until Jason gives the word. Jax rushes in like he's on a mission as Jason stares him down and tells them he doesn't have time for either of them. Jax and Brenda say they'll get Robin back...they'll deal with Moreno .Jason asks for 24 hours to find Robin without interference. If it's Moreno's he's the only one whole can do it. Jax says no since he's responsible for bringing Robin back to town in the first place. Brenda suddenly becomes the voice of reason and tells Jax that Jason is Robin's besthope. Jax informs Jason that he will be telling Mac that Robin is missing. Brenda asks Jason to prove that Robin's trust in him was warranted by, finding her. -

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Richard Benson: la maxirecensione - semalt

Richard in un saggio di cultura musicale -

Seo Beaumont

Caroline Benson 1997 217 - semalt

Lorraine tells Carly she is in dreamland and after what she did to him, he will never forgive her. Carly gets defensive and tells Lorraine she is not going to go through with enduced labor. Carly asks her why she is pressing it she admits she is broke and asks for money for trying. Carly gives her the wedding dress. Luke comes by just as Lorraine is leaving. He is angry about her making calls to Virginia and he has her that Virginia called Bobbie and tells her that she heard from her tells her about her marriage. He also lets her know that Virginia is putting together a photo album to send to Bobbie and Carly panicks and tells Luke she will do whatever he says to prevent that from happening. -

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09 : Skylark – George Benson - semalt


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Bestemmia di Richard Benson - semalt

Il noto chitarrista si esibisce in una esecuzione magistrale: urlare fuori la rabbia!!!!!e allora io dico tutti insieme porco... -

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Sidney W. Benson Interview - semalt

Visit USC on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/uscLearn more about the University of Southern California: http://www.usc.eduSidney W. Benson, emeritus professor of chemistry at USC, reflects on his distinguished career, which included a stint with the Manhattan Project during World War II, on the history of chemistry research and education at the University of Southern California, on early faculty compensation issues, and on USC's transformation from a regional institution to a research university of international renown.Benson joined the USC faculty in 1943, then left to chair the kinetics and thermochemistry department at the Stanford Research Institute. He returned to USC in 1976 and in 1977, together with his co-worker George Olah, co-founded the unit now known as the USC Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute.Benson was interviewed by Kenneth Servis in 1990. The interview is part of the USC Emeriti Center's H. Dale Hilton Living History Project.Learn more about USC: http://www.usc.eduLearn more about the H. Dale Hilton Living History Project: http://www.usc.edu/org/emeriti_center... -

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Caroline Benson 1997 276 - semalt

Tony tells Alan that Carly says that he unborn child is Jason's. -

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George Benson Guitar Lick - semalt

More at http://thejazzguitarsite.com/. Here's a great George Benson lick based on his solo from Billie's Bounce. He plays this lick within the first 15 seconds of his solo, so definitely check it out. (Surprisingly, my Fender Strat sounds pretty good for this.) Thanks for watching! -

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Vikki Benson - Easy Love - semalt


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Caroline Benson 1997 61 - semalt

Tony comes by after AJ leaves and tells Carly he doesnt want her to go and to give it a couple of weeks for them to salvage things between them. -

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Caroline Benson 1997 166 - semalt

AJ tells Carly he cant let Tony without telling him the truth about her. Tony arrives and asks AJ what he is doing there. -

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Caroline Benson 1998 85 - semalt

Caroline Benson 1998 85Everyone looks at Edward. Edward asks how he (or anyone else) is supposed to walk off with a baby surrounded by "an army of pistol packing babysitters?" Since the can of worms has been opened, Bobby decides the Q's should know all. She recounts the events of the kidnapping, sticking in a few twist of the knife by continuing to accuse Carly of purposely ditching Michael? Carly explains she only took her eyes off Michael for a second to take Edward's call! She accuses Edward of setting her up. He denies it. Ned wants him to come clean if he's responsible. Edward leaves, with Jason on his heels. AJ steps up to bat next to taunt Carly. He wants to know the details on just how she managed to get rid of the baby and condemn her for now turning Jason's life into one crisis after another. Carly says her only problem was underestimating the Quartermaines and demands to know where her baby is. AJ He reiterates once more that if he knew he'd keep him away fromher forever. Edward has grabbed his coat but is met at the front door by Taggart and Garcia. Garcia questions Edward about the "attempted" kidnapping that happened in January, without going into details of the current kidnapping. Jason listens and watches carefully, his internal lie detector monitoring everything. Edward drops an expensive vase to the floor explaining that he takes risks on stocks, bonds lands, cash etc. He could lose it all and still smile but family is something he wouldn't risk. He'd already paid a steep price for what he did by being denied Michael. He'd never put the boy in danger. I'm not so sure, but Edward passes Jason's internal lie detector test. He tells Taggart to lay off. Garcia and Taggart are not happy to learn that all of the Q's know about the kidnapping. Taggart warns them to keep quiet because Michael's life depended on it. They all agree to cooperate with the police. Taggart tells Jason that his coming to the Q's has onlymade it worse for Michael prompting Carly to leap to his defense. The only person to blame is herself. She berates herself for failing to keep her eye on Michael, helping the kidnappers to walk away with Michael. Jason tells her not to do this to herself. The entire Q clan look at Carly like she's an alien although I did notice a touch of sympathy on Monica's face but it's Edward who takes the tear stained Carly into his arms in a hug and tells her that it is only her despair talking and he has enough hope for the both of them. Taggart questions Jason about the possibility that this is some sort of mob etaliation. AJ steps forward to say it must be an act of revenge against Jason and that he should cooperate fully with the police. Jason lets AJ know that he, AJ, is still suspect as far as he is concerned. -

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Future Girlfriend - Benson Cut - semalt

Sorry for the inactive days, I got some Computer problems. Now I am back :-) But I lost all Data, so I think I have to design a new Logo and Intro. Had to steal my own intro from youtube, hahaSupport: https://soundcloud.com/futuregirlfrie... -

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Mari Benson and Lasryd - semalt

Every now and then a project happens in Television that makes us passionate about the end result. Not because we get to go to exotic locations, not because we get to hang out of helicopters or sit on a boat in the open ocean fishing but purely because of the emotion that the story itself evokes in us. Mari Benson and LASRYD did just that. What Mari Benson does is truly inspiring, what she provides to our industry without seeking recognition is nothing short of mind blowing and in of itself commands respect.But it was the back story of this incredible lady that convinced us of the need to approach Mari and request permission to tell the world about this story. It is enough to run shivers up your spine and challenge our own feelings of worth, giving and most of all humility.Our Producer, Bec Presling, and our crew spent some time with Mari and her wonderful family to gain an insight into this incredible lady and her journey. LASRYD (pronounced Last Ride) is a ‘W’ model Kenworth purpose built prime mover Hearse, who provides the last ride for drivers once their ‘shift is over’. More than just a truck, it provides invaluable memories for the loved ones of fallen truck drivers. The brainchild of David & Mari Benson, LASRYD is a hearse, a wedding vehicle, & an instrument of healing for those who engage its servicesThe journey this story takes you on is amazing and we feel privellaged and humbled to tell this story.Through tragedy & grief, to healing & facing life’s other unexpected challenges, Mari Benson & Lasryd provide an ongoing tribute to David. It’s a loving & beautiful symbol for the loved ones of fallen truck drivers to carry in their memories as they move forward in their lives. -

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Caroline Benson 1997 248 - semalt

Lorraine tries to lie to TOny and tells him that was her sister on the phone but Tony isnt buying it and he tells her he knows that Carly has a little secret and he wants to know what it is he doesnt know. Bobbie questions Luke about Carly's picture in the safe. Lorraine tells Tony she doesnt know what it is she thinks he heard and Tony repeats what she told Carly. Tony wants to know the truth and Lorraine says she is not going to be interogated like a criminal. Tony says he is not leaving the hospital until he gets the truth. Lorraine tells him she knows something about his baby and that she has been protecting Carly for a long time and she cant do it anymore. Carly is pulling from a daisy and AMy comes in. She asks Amy is she has seen Tony and AMy says she hasnt heard from him. Bobbie explains she went into the safe to get some money and the picture fell out. Luke says as long as he's busted he might as well come clean. -

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Benson vs. Rockefeller: Ölpipeline - semalt

https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byron_B...https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rockefe... -

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Vicki Benson - Easy Love - semalt

Country:USReleased:1988Genre:Funk;ElectronicStyle:Synth-pop, Disco -

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Hans Benson Player Brand - semalt

San Francisco Bulls Alternate Captain Hans BensonPlayer brand. This is the same video that is played on the Cube during an SF Bulls game. -

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Müller Rice - Gordon Benson - semalt


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George Benson in Moscow.HD - semalt


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Caroline Benson 1997 186 - semalt

Carly tells Loraine that she doesnt why she is there or what she wants but they can not do this right now because Tony is on his way up. Loraine goes on to explain how the bank works to Carly and tells her that her checked bounced which means that 6 of her checks bounced, chain reactions can be a very dangerous thing. Carly says there must be a mistake and that the bank never called her. Loraine tells her to consider herself called, where is the cookie jar and how much is in it. Carly goes in her wallet and tells her she only has 2 dollars. Loraine tells her to get another wallet. Carly tells her they dont just keep a wad of money laying around. Loraine points out that she is marrying a Nero Surgent and has Quartemaine impersonating her husband in her spare time. Carly asks how much will she take to leave right now and Loraine tells her the amount of the check and plus 50 percent. Carly says what is with you people and they cant keep doing this to her and Loraine says what people and who is doing what to whom. She kept her end of the bargain and got her bogus sonogram. Tony comes in and asks if he knows her. The next morning, Loraine calls Carly about her money. Carly says the banks dont open until ten. Loraine asks her if she heard of cash machines and Carly tells her she isnt have a normal pregancy. Loraine tells her she wants her money today. Tony comes in and Carly tells her she has to go and that they will connect later. Tony hugs her and says he is grateful for her understanding about what he was going through about BJ and for loving him when he needed it the most and being there when he reached out. Carly says he is her life and she would do anything for him. Tony tells her to sit down and close her eyes and not to peak. He comes in with a bunch of baby things and tells her she can open her eyes now. Carly is surprised and touched. He tells her he thought it was time that they started building a nursing for their baby. He announces that he found them house. Carly is estatic and says what did she ever do to deserve him. Tony gets paged and as he leaves to take he says he is the lucky one. As Tony leaves Carly kisses and hugs him and thanks him over and over again. Tony says when does she want to see the house and Carly asks if he is sure and was thinking that maybe they should keep looking for something that is a little less expensive and further out of town. Tony tells her she has to stop caring about public opinion. Carly says he is right, its their life and if he doesnt care about gossip, neither does she. Tony says thats the spirit and leaves. Carly closes the door and calls Loraine again but Loraine has left for the day and she didnt leave numbe she can be reached. Carly comes out the room looking at her check book and sees she is already overdrawn and says Tony is going to kill her when he finds out. The doorbell rings and Luke answers and says hello little moma and Carly is nervous to see him. -

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Caroline Benson 1997 32 - semalt

After the perfomance Carly gets a business card from Justus claiming that she has a friend in the hospital that could use legal advice. Later at GH Justus and Tony talk and he tells Justus he has decided to leave the custody agreement alone right now because he wants to wait to see what happens and the anniversary of BJ's death is coming up. Carly overhears but not the part about BJ and gets jealous and walks off thinking Tony and Bobbie are getting closer again -

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1996 Caroline Benson 133 - semalt

Tony says if she had been honest with him they would not be in this place. -

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Caroline Benson 1997 304 - semalt

Caroline Benson 1997 ends with the New Years Eve Montage to Dara Jenson singing Billie Holiday's God Bless The Child while the Quartermaines look at baby Michael with Jason who is mad they are there lol. I love Billie Holiday by the way. -

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REGULAR SHOW: BENSON died!!!!!!!! - semalt

enjoy video!!!!! -

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Ten Benson - The Claw - semalt

Ten Benson - The Claw (Vinyl, 7")Label: Sweet RecordsCountry: UKReleased: 1998 -

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Caroline Benson 1997 79 - semalt

Just before AJ and Keisha arrive for dinner, Carly fantasizes about her, tony , keisha and aj living happily ever after. Tony comes home and she reveals that she invited keisha and aj. She is trying to get them together so aj wont remember he and carly had sex a jakes because if he does he will put two and two together and realize she could be pregnant with his child and not tony's. -

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Manuel Benson | Lierse SK - semalt

Manuel Benson | Lierse SKJune 2017 -

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Gemini by BENSON KITES - semalt


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Caroline Benson 1998 234 - semalt


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Strassenmusik Session - Carl Benson - semalt

Das neue Projekt der Strassenmusikanten aus Essen! Eine Podcastreihe, die jeden Freitag neue Künstler an die Decks lässt ! -

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George Benson - This Masquerade - semalt


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George Benson Live I - semalt

George Benson Live I -

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Caroline Benson 1997 225 - semalt

Carly is looking at the application for a marriage license and the doorbell rings. Its AJ and he confronts her with the real sonogram. Tony and Bobbie talk outside Kelly;s and he asks her that AJ told her that the baby was born in December and Bobbie tells her yes and thats why she was so confused. Tony says he is the father and as long as he and Carly are clear on the due date it doesnt matter what anyone thinks. Bobbie tells AJ that she always Tony was the best father any child could have. Bobbie tells her that if she had told Tony about the baby she gave up when the were married things would have been different between them and she might have gotten a chance to see her before she died. -

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1996 Caroline Benson 43 - semalt

Carly comes by the Brownstone to return the dress that Bobbie let her borrowed and she and Tony talk about joining the Nurses Program. She later goes to Bobbie's room to put the dress back and goes through her stuff. Bobbie catches her and the two began to talk. -

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Ten Benson-Mystery Man. - semalt


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Caroline Benson 1997 197 - semalt

Lorraine calls TOny and tells him Carly had a sonagram the week before. Carly and AJ are locked in the closet. They are irritated and they talk and are civil with each since they are stuck with each other for a while in closet. Keisha winds up getting them out. -

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John Yager - Benson Arizona - semalt

John Yager - Benson ArizonaA million suns shine downBut I see only oneWhen I think I'm over youI find I've just begunThe years move faster than the daysThere's no warmth in the lightHow I miss those desert skiesYour cool touch in the nightBenson, ArizonaBlew warm wind through your hairMy body flies the galaxy, my heart longs to be thereBenson, ArizonaThe same stars in the skyBut they seemed so much kinder When we watched them, you and IBenson, ArizonaBlew warm wind through your hairMy body flies the galaxy, my heart longs to be thereBenson, ArizonaThe same stars in the skyBut they seemed so much kinder When we watched them, you and INow the years pull us apartI'm young and now you're oldBut you're still in my heartAnd the memory won't grow coldI dream of times and spacesI left far behindWhere we spent our last few daysBenson's on my mindBenson, ArizonaBlew warm wind through your hairMy body flies the galaxy, my heart longs to be thereBenson, ArizonaThe same stars in the skyBut they seemed so much kinder When we watched them, you and I------------written by Bill Taylor -

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Caroline Benson 1998 12 - semalt

Caroline Benson 1998 12Parts 1-12When Carly wakes up, Jason told Carly that the baby's heart defect had been corrected through surgery, but Carly blamed herself for the baby's medical crisis. Carly feels trapped, Bobbie wants her to go see her son. She promises that Carly will be filled with love for her son. Carly asks if that is how Bobbie felt when her baby was born. Bobbie's eyes fill with tears as she describes her all too brief moments with her baby daughter. Carly saw her baby boy for the first time and she broke down at the sight of the fragile infant. Carly angrily snaps at Bobbie when the nurse suggests that she'll soon be able to breast feed her baby. Tony is desperate to know and asks Bobbie to check the baby's blood type. Later she sympathetically tells him that the baby's blood type rules him out as the child's father.When a sobbing Carly spits out her hatred for him, Tony assures her that the feeling is mutual. Carly's doctor diagnoses her with post-partum depression but assures her patient that her condition is very treatable. Later, Carly tries to get close to touch her baby but again withdraws her hands and bolts from the nursery in tears. Carly disguises her shock when A.J. states that he now knows that Jason is the father of her son. After explaining to Jason where A.J. made his mistake (that because the newborn shares Jason's blood type, he assumed that Jason was the father), Carly asks him to take care of the baby while she disappears. A music montage to scenes of Luke looking in at Carly's empty hospital bed, Carly shown in an airplane, Jason tenatively stroking the baby's hand, Robin showing up at Brenda's door (Jax has brought her home from Paris). Sweet moment as Luke visits his great nephew in the nursery. After finding Luke in the hospital nursery, Jason tells his business partner he knows all about the secret connection between Carly and the Spencer clan. When Lorraine makes an appearance at GH, Jason warns Carly's blackmailer to go away and never come back. Luke contemplates his options in light of Carly's disappearance and decides to let his sister know that she is a grandmother. After Jason advises him to keep mum until Carly returns, Luke agrees to wait one month before he tells Bobbie the truth. -

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1996 Caroline Benson 163 - semalt

Later that evening, Carly tells Tony what she overheard Audrey and Amy saying about them. She says doesnt want to work at Gh and for now she wants to make a home for Tony and after that she will figure out what to do with the rest of her life. The too share dance to Babyface's "Everytime." -

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Caroline Benson 1997 259 - semalt

Tony asks Monnica about Lorraine Miller and if Carly has told her anything about her past. Monica asks him what it is about and Tony explains that Carly was told to avoid stress and she has been so irratic and she has been since August but MOnic doesnt have any answers for her. Jason comes into Kellys while Carly is ordering food. She goes to their table and asks why he didnt tell her he moved. He tells her he is at Sonny's penthouse and Carly asks for a number. Jason tells her not to call unless its important. He invites her to a party at Lukes on Monday but she says that Tony is not going to allow her to go. Emily walks in and Carly kisses Jason on the cheek goodbye. Carly is about to eat her food and Tony comes in his office and says she got some take out for him and he says its very thoughtful of her. She says she just wanted to do something nice for him and hugs him and tells him she loves him and he tells her he loves her too. -

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Caroline Benson 1998 149 - semalt

Caroline Benson 1998 149 -

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Richard Benson TV INIZIA !!!! - semalt

www.richardbensontv.comHo anticipato i tempi, mettendo fretta ai tecnici che hanno svolto il lavoro. Scusatemi in anticipo se qualcosa non va per il verso giusto, mandatemi consigli e commenti se non tutto funzione bene. A breve sarà possibile vedere la Richard Benson Tv anche da smartphone, per ora solo con PC.Parte la Richard Benson TV, che ho voluto energicamente per creare una Web Tv unica nel suo genere.Le trasmissioni fatte in precedenza, su reti televisive terrestri e satellitari, sono ora un ricordo passato e superato. Nasce un mondo nuovo e naturalmente ne sono il precursore.La Richard Benson Tv nasce per promuovere e far conoscere il Metal al cosmo intero, con trasmissioni periodiche dove verranno proposti i gruppi della settimana, indicando gli album da comprare e quelli da non comprare. Inoltre ogni settimana verrà trasmesso un video sulle chitarre più prestigiose della mia collezione di chitarre, indicando le caratteristiche e i chitarristi che utilizzano lo strumento.Chiunque può intervenire, nei contatti troverete tutti gli indirizzi.Fratelli seguitemi e il Metal diventerà con noi sempre più potente.Aiutatemi. AIUTATEMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII -

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20 Fun Facts: BENSON! - semalt

More BENSON!! http://instagram.com/bensonqFeaturingPhil http://instagram.com/wongfuphilWes http://instagram.com/thewesleychanChristine http://instagram.com/peachiechristineTaylor http://instagram.com/chanman325Ashley http://instagram.com/ashmatsJenn http://instagram.com/_jdleChris http://instagram.com/yangstopherAwkward Animals http://awkwardanimal.comExecutive ProducerChristine ChenAssistant ProducerAshley MatsunamiEdited by Chris Yang http://instagram.com/yangstopher● SUBSCRIBE: http://youtube.com/morewongfu● FACEBOOK: http://fb.com/wongfuproductions● INSTAGRAM OFFICIAL: http://instagram.com/wongfupro● SNAPCHAT OFFICIAL: @wongfupro● TWITTER OFFICIAL: http://twitter.com/wongfupro● STORE: http://awkwardanimal.com● WESLEY CHAN: http://instagram.com/thewesleychan● TED FU: http://instagram.com/tedfu● PHILIP WANG: http://instagram.com/wongfuphil ● OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://wongfuproductions.com -

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Benson goes super saiyan - semalt

Benson goes super sayan -

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1996 Caroline Benson 182 - semalt

Tony explains that he is suing Bobbie for custody of Lucas and that it is best she is not around Lucas in order for him to have a chance at custody. Carly is offended and goes off.Then Tony says he has to move back into the brownstone. She gives Tony Lucas's stockings. She reluctantly goes along with it if is best for Lucas. -

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The Eyo festival celebration (Adamu Orisha play 2009) was primarily in honor of the great Icon Otunba Theophilus Owolabi Shobowale Benson. An illustrious son of Lagos state who contributed a lot to the development of the state.This Channels Television report by Yuusuf Akorede on the Eyo festival partly describes how the event went. -

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Voorstelling Benson en Maehle - semalt

Jupiler Pro League. Seizoen 2017-2018.Voorstelling van Benson en Maehle -

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Caroline Benson 1997 130 - semalt

AJ is at the Qs telling them about leaving for rehab and that he will be leaving in a few days as soon as he can find a replacement at the gym. Monica says she is proud of him and Alan says he hopes the experience is everything he expects it to be. Edwards tells AJ to do what they tell him. Emilys says she and Monica are taking a trip ti Italy for a whole month. Edward asks AJ if he going see Lila before he goes and AJ says he will. Emily says she will be sending all her good thoughts and he tells her he will send his right back at him. -

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George Benson - Summer Love - semalt


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1996 Caroline Benson 174 - semalt

Jason is upset because some tried to kills Sonny with heroine. He tells Carly that he feels guilty because he let Sonny send him away. -

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ALBUM BENSON 2017 ( 01 . BENSON )01 . BENSON02 . DOPEGANG03 . VSETKO INAK04 . CHCES MA SUDIT ? 05 . INA LIGA06 . SLOW DOWN07 . NEBER TO OSOBNE 08 . MONEY09 . NASA ZONA 10 . HETRIK11 . TEKYLIGHT12 . HYPE13 . KRIMINAL14 . DALSIA NA RADE15 . ZNICENY SVET16 . RAP KING17 . OUTROFB MAESTRO : https://www.facebook.com/Maestro-Rap-... IG MAESTRO : https://www.instagram.com/maestrorap/----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FB STR0MEX : https://www.facebook.com/Str0mex-Phot... Kamera / Strih : Str0mex Režia : Maestro Hudba : Tantu Beatz -

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george benson this masquerade - semalt


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Candy Benson- Stywer Vas - semalt


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GEORGE BENSON True Blue - semalt

LP : That's Right , 1996 -

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Richard Benson e Aristodile - semalt

http://www.facebook.com/aforismi.rich...Richard e la filosofia -

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Capturing Carbon: Sally Benson - semalt

Sally Benson, a Stanford professor of energy resources engineering, explains the essential role of carbon capture in curbing climate change. For more information visit the Stanford Center for Carbon Storage: https://sccs.stanford.edu/Presented by:Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy: https://energy.stanford.edu/Stanford News Service: https://news.stanford.edu/2017/10/05/... -

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Caroline Benson 1998 47 - semalt

Caroline Benson 1998 47Virginia Benson, Carly's adoptive mother, enters the bar. Bobbie's jaw drops when Virginia walks in and hurries over to embrace Carly, calling her " Caroline". Bobbie realizes Carly is telling the truth. Virginia happily introduces Bobbie to her biological daughter. With Carly's bizarre story now confirmed, Bobbie bitterly calls the girl a bitch and accuses her of sending for her adoptive mother. As a baffled Virginia wonders what's going on, Carly is forced to admit how she came to Port Charles two years ago to find Bobbie. Virginia berates her daughter for trying to destroy Bobbie's life, then reels in shock yet again when Tony informs her that she has a grandson. Tony continues that while she was sleeping in his baby, she had a baby with another man. Carly and Virgina sit quietly at a table to talk privately. Carly raves to her how everything has worked out, she lives in a beautiful penthouse, how wonderful her baby is, how great the baby's father is and how much Virigina will like him. Carly assures her the lies are all over now, the truth is out and Virginia can be part of her life. Her hurt mother can't believe that Carly thinks they can just pick up as if nothing has happened, after she has kept the truth about her life secret for almost two years. Virinia asks if she is going to take any responsibility for her actions? She broke up a marriage, deceived Virginia, and kept the existence of her grandchild from her, and now she thinks it is all okay now that she told the truth for one night? Tony walks up, thrilled that Carly is getting her comeuppance but snarks, "I don't think guilt is a word in Carly's vocabulary!" He tells Virginia about the baby's heart defect, how Carly abandoned him when he was in ICU, that the father is a gun totting criminal and she left her son alone with him for almost a month! As Tony calls her a tramp, Carly turns to Virgina and says, "See this is the man I took away from Bobbie?" She tells her mother that she hurt them, but they hurt her too, that both Bobbie and Tony treated her like dirt since she arrived. Carly demands that just once Virginia take her side, that since Frank (her adoptive father) walked out on Virgina that she has blamed Carly for that and everything else. She can't believe her mother is going to take the word of two total strangers over hers? She admits that she doesn't like Tony, but she does like Bobbie. Carly yells at Virgina to just go. Virgina gets up but collapses on the floor of the Grill.Bobbie heads to Wyndemere and demands to know if Stefan knew that Carly was his daughter? He did and admits that he capitalized on her husband's infidelity. She asks why he didn't tell her? He says that when they married, he didn't need to tell her and didn't want to hurt her. After they broke up, it served no purpose. He snarks that the rumors of her daughter's death were greatly exaggerated, by her brother! Stefan gleefully reveals that Luke was a pivotal part of the lie and the cover-up concerning Carly and Luke also knew the truth. Bobbie heads to Luke's house and sits in the dark waiting for him to come home. When he does, she tells him that Lucky is dead. As he looks at her in shock, she coldly asks him how that feels to hear his child is dead? Bobbie bitterly reveals that she knows he lied about her daughter's "fatal" car accident, Luke attempts to explain why he hid the truth about Carly's true identity to protect her from further pain. Bobbie promises a shaken Luke that she will never forgive him for what he's done.At GH, Monica wakes a sleeping Carly and tells her if she wants to see her mother that she should come now. The doctor informs a weeping Carly that Virginia did not survive her second stroke. Sitting by her mother's body, Carly fears she's lost the one person in the world who loved her unconditionally despite all her flaws. After venting part of her rage on Keesha, Carly turns her anger on Tony and accuses him of killing Virginia. As a desolate Carly stands at the elevator, when it opens she comes face to face with Luke! -

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George Benson - Breezin' - semalt

George Benson - Breezin' (1976)Personnel: George Benson (guitar), Jorge Dalto (clavinet), Ronnie Foster (electric piano), Phil Upchurch (bass), Harvey Mason, Sr. (drums), Ralph MacDonald (percussion), Claus Ogerman (orchestra arrange, conduct)from the album 'BREEZIN'' (Warner Bros. Records) -

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Alex Benson Unguardable PG - semalt


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George Benson - This Masquerade - semalt


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Benson Ford Boat House :) - semalt

July 2010 -

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Jack White & Brendan Benson - semalt

Jack White guest performance with Brendan Benson & Friends at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on December 18, 2013, benefitting The David Lynch Foundation. -

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Cheetah Tongue (Benson Remix) - semalt


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George Benson Home Tour - semalt

A musical tour of jazz great George Benson's recently listed Phoenix, AZ home and property. -

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George Benson - Nature Boy - semalt

"Nature Boy"... ♡written by Eden Ahbez originally sung by Nat King Colecover by George BensonThere was a boyA very strange enchanted boyThey say he wandered very farVery far, over land and seaA little shy and sad of eyeBut very wise was heAnd then one day, a magic dayHe passed my way, and while we spokeOf many things, fools and kingsThis he said to meThe greatest thing you'll ever learnIs just to love and be loved in return...The greatest thing you'll ever learnIs just to love and be loved in return... -

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1996 Caroline Benson 184 - semalt

Ned sings "I'll be home for Christmas" Montage. -

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Candy Benson - Stywer Vas - semalt

Stywer Vas - Music Video, Director: Gerhard van Rooyen, Company: Spheratical Productions -

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Bluetooth Marketing, Proximity Marketing 2Call , Mobile Marketing - semalt

Mobile Marketing, Bluetooth Marketing, Marketing via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Proximity, 2Call, Marketing para celular, novas maneiras de marketing -

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Delly Benson a Boston - semalt

Concert de Sr. Yanique Piere- 2 Aout 2015 -

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Caroline Benson 1997 20 - semalt

Carly and Tony have a very big fight and she asks if its over between them. -

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Ashley Benson ★ Hot 2017 - semalt

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Caroline Benson 1997 179 - semalt

AJ asks if there is something wrong? The doctor says the baby is due in December and should see some kind of image and finds it. Carly gets excited when she sees her baby and AJ gets excited too and starts to stroke Carly's hair and says she did good work. He snaps out of it and clears his throat and asks if he can give them the exact date of birth before the doctor can, Lorraine comes in and makes and excuse to call the doctor away, and takes over. AJ sees that the date is December and decides not to tell Tony about them. She thanks Lorraine for saving her hide. Lorraine tells her to bring her another check. Carly says to herself that her nightmare is over. Tony tells Monica that Carly wont be there until tomorrow but he will tell her that she wishes her the best. Keisha comes up and asks Monica if she is going to tell Tony and Monica says she might but not before she speaks to Carly. The deceiving little hypocrit tried to mess with her sons future and she is going to have to answer to her. -

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Caroline Benson 1997 127 - semalt

Out in the hall, the bartender Mick comes up to Carly and says she is some piece of work, she sets the guy up and makes like his bestfriend. He blackmails Carly for 500 dollars to keep quiet about setting AJ up and she has until tomorrow -

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benson ranked trop monster? - semalt

Player RenamedUser_1025510143.Link to replay: https://replayswows.com/replay/11987Map: "Northern Lights".Battle type: "Domination".13 torp hit 174k dmgMore World of Warships replays here: https://replayswows.com/ -

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Never Again- Olivia Benson - semalt

Please Comment! -

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1996 Caroline Benson 83 - semalt

Bobbie and Laura talks and she tells Laura that she thinks her daughter doesn't want to be found and that she is confused about whether to keep looking for her or not or whether to tell Tony about. Then she tells Bobbie that she is thinking about adopting another little girl and says that even if she finds her daughter she could never replace BJ and that noone ever could. At kelly's Luke and Tony talk also about his pain over losing BJ and how he has an empty space that nothing could fill. He tells Luke that he hasnt told Bobbie because she has moved on better than him. Bobbie goes off on Carly about making a mistake with a mock patient. Tony exams an injured Jason after he and Robin come back from their trip to Montauk. Carly sees Jason and Robin in a close moment and she gets jealous and starts to cry and run off when Tony sees her. -

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Richard Benson - MGM SCHIFOSIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! - semalt

Video per celebrare il mio ritorno su vegas;l'idea l'ho presa da altri video sul tubo. -

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The Christmas Song - Benson - semalt


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George Benson - Unforgettable - Vinyl - semalt

Some of you were so enthusiastic about the idea of re-uploading this song with my current recording gear...so here you are ;)I used the same cart/stylus (with a couple of hundred more hours of use), tonearm, phono stage. The main difference is the recording device/method ;)First version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8uLJ... -

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Caroline Benson 1997 295 - semalt

Jason is looking in on the baby and Bobbie comes up and says 'It hurts doesnt it seeing him hooked up to the tubes like that." Bobbie tells Jason about the baby's heart condition and that if the medicine doesnt work they will have to close the duck by surgery or the baby could die. He asks about Carly and Bobbie tells him she lost alot of blood and she is stable for now but if she starts to bleed again they could lose her. The nurse is checking on Carly who is unconcious and sees something wrong and asks for someone to triple page Dr Newman to ICU 4. -

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Clip Sol Benson #3 - semalt


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1996 Caroline Benson 115 - semalt

Still in Florida, Luke asks if Virginia knows where Carly lives and she tells him that Carly died in a car accident. It traumatized Caroline so much that she never learned how to drive and she went from a straigh A student to average. She perceives that maybe Caroline started to do bad in school because of Carly. Luke finally sees a pic of Caroline and realizes who she really is! -

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Richard Benson e Satana - semalt

Lezioncina di Benson sul male :) -

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Benson & Stabler ~ Love Strikes - semalt

FIRST VIDEO EVER! Hope you all like it :) Wanted this to reflect the brilliant thespians Meloni & Hargitay in their roles as Olivia Benson & Elliott Stabler on Law & Order: SVU. Such fantastic people who make their voices heard outside the studio as well as in it. Although I know we all hope they'll just shut up already and kiss...Enjoy. Ciao darlings... -

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Take Five George Benson - semalt

Some smooth jazz tunes -

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Caroline Benson 1998 167 - semalt

Caroline Benson 1998 167 -

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george benson six play - semalt


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Benson s01e10 War Stories - semalt


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Richard Benson - Diamonds & Pills - semalt

Richard Benson is Alexander Wilke who is also known as Alec EmpireTechno at it's best here regardless of which knob end wrote it.Record details at the below link:http://www.discogs.com/Richard-Benson... -

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Richard Benson - Awesome Solo - semalt

this is the greatest solo ever -

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Cephas Benson - 2006 Remix - semalt

Old edit found on the hard drive. Aureate days. -

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Blue Ballon - Robby Benson - semalt

"Jeremy" is a 1973 film written and directed by Arthur Barron and starring Robby Benson and Glynnis O'Connor. The soundtrack was released in 1973 on LP by United Artists Records (UA-LA145-G). The soundtrack was composed by Lee Holdridge, but also contained two original songs.(1) "Blue Balloon (The Hourglass Song)" sung by Robby Benson. Written by Joseph Brooks.(2) "Jeremy" sung by Glynnis O'Connor. Written by Lee Holdridge and Dorothea Joyce.(From : Wiki). -

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Caroline Benson 1998 87 - semalt

Caroline Benson 1998 87Jason and Carly arrive home. Since they haven't been notified yet, Jason is ruling out money as a cause for the kidnapping. Carly wonders if the Q's or Moreno don't have Michael, then some NUTCASE. Then bingo a light goes off in Carly's head. She suspects Tony Jones. But Jason has beat her to the punch and warns her not to tip of Tony. He's already moving on it. Justus is at the Penthouse. Carly tells him Jason is not there. They discuss Justus' relationship to Carly. He says he doesn't hate her, even though they're not friends. Carly is blaming herself for the kidnapping. Jason comes in. He's no longer sure it was Tony who did it. Carly, however, being Carly, goes "out for a walk" and storms into Tony's office. "You bastard! What have you done with the baby?" Tony is very "surprised" and calm. His eyes are practically spinning, though. Bobbie comes in and stops Carly, she storms out.Jason is beginning to lose hold of his emotions. He's soworried about Michael. Taggart comes by and Justus confronts him. Taggart wants to tap the phone. He gets intense: if they don't cooperate with the police, "you'll be the one that killed him." At the station Dara tells Taggart she's thinking of taking him off the case. He's harassing Jason. Taggart tells Dara about his first case. He was gentle with the family, didn't question them hard enough, and the little girl died.Luke arrives at the penthouse and announces that he's there to see Jason, and that he will wait. It's going to be a long wait, since Jason is at Tony's house, pushing his way in with his bodyguards, intent on finding Michael. As the men with Jason burst into the house, fanning out to search for Michael, one grabs Tony, twists his arm behind his back, and barks, "Sit down." Carly wants Luke out of the penthouse, but he insists on waiting to talk to jason. Luke neither blames Carly for the kidnapping nor exonerates her of responsibility. He is firm about one thing, that while he doesn't BLAME Carly, she should have known better, she should have been more careful. There's another visitor: Edward. He has come to see Carly, and asks why Luke is there. He learns that Luke has been told of the kidnapping. Luke and Edward spar entertainingly, and Luke ditches. Edward is simultaneously reassuring, the one person who appears supportive of Carly, and yet heis still manipulative, attempting to plant seed of doubt about Jason with Carly. He invites Carly to move into the Q mansion, an offer she declines, hoping, no doubt, that when Michael is found he can join his momma there. Then we see Carly serving tea to Edward. Carly tells Edward that the housekeeper is used to running the penthouse without help or interference, prompting Edward to speak of Cook's ruling of the Q roost; he says that Cook should listen to him, since "I pay her wages and I own the house." "Wait, I thought Monica owned the house." "Good lord, you know more about us that I realized." Edward soothes Carly with talk about family togetherness and assuring her that she is not at fault for Michael's kidnapping. He pins the blame on jason, a remark that prompts an angry glare from Carly. -

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1996 Caroline Benson 157 - semalt

Carly goes to see Luke and decides to leave her alone but she gets upset when he tells her that she will never measure up to Bobbie. -

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